Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Setup Ubuntu 9.04 as an LDAP Client

So the new Ubuntu version is out and it looks much more refined and polished than any before and could be used as a windows replacement for desktop applications like office, checking email and surfing.

I had a Dell Precision 530 lying around and I tried to install it but there was no video. The video card that came with the box was an ATI FireGL2 128MB. After a couple of hours of trying to find a workaround, I tossed the card and installed a GeForce MX2 and everything installed fine.

The new theme and images, notifications and fell is great. As an adventurous person though, I wanted to make this machine an LDAP Client since all 900 users of my network are on an LDAP server. Installing webmin and configuring an LDAP client did not work, so I found the official documentation here and followed it completely.

I was not surprised to see that it did not work. Apparently, Canonical and the Ubuntu developers do not feel that LDAP is something that needs to work on Ubuntu distributions. I wish we did not have to jump through hoops to get LDAP working.

To get it to work perform the following
sudo pico /etrc/ldap.conf

Find this line
uri ldapi:///xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

And change to this
uri ldap://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

The solution seems very simple but it took me a day to figure it out. Hope this works for anyone with the same problem.

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